About SaintRock

SaintRock Production produces high-resolution videos that can be formatted for any media, including television and online.

With all the necessary equipment in-house, including cameras, lights and teleprompters, the SaintRock team is able to handle every detail of capturing the footage necessary for your project. The experienced staff also is able to edit your video to highlight key messages both visually and verbally.

With the largest audiovisual inventory in the region, SaintRock Production has the equipment and solutions needed for any audio, video, lighting or technical production project. Clients trust us for our technical expertise and large inventory.

We also specialize in sound design for movies, TV/radio ads, computer games, music scores and sound effects.

We produce arrangements in various styles for beginners, professional singers and bands, while also working on their distinct image.

SaintRock is proud to offer a well-equipped music studio with the latest technology in virtual instruments and is ready to provide high-quality music production.

In addition, we collaborate with many game development companies, companies specialising in animated film production, web development, and also with large media companies which can greatly help in forming an effective strategy for the broadcasting of your projects across all media.


We are SaintRock - the company offering hight-quality video and audio production support for any kind of emerging or existing media projects.

We also offer Creative strategic concepts, copywriting, graphic design, web development, media planning and media buying.


  • High-resolution videos that can be formatted for any media, including television and online.
  • Soundtracks and special effects movies, games, ads, presentations, shows, film trailers, cartoons, interactive videos, demonstration movies, ads.
  • Arrangements for your own songs or music cues. Mixing and mastering your projects using well-equipped music studio.
  • Graphical ads, motion design, 2D animation, enticing GIFs, info panels, written articles, and all the other necessary attributes for a successfully delivered promotional message.


We strive to follow a personal approach to each client, providing the best services in the field.